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Welcome to The Hey Girl! Intl. GIRLfriend Gang Hangout

What is

The GIRLfriend Gang Hangout?

The GIRLfriend Gang Hangout is a safe, online community for young women ages 8-18 to meet other young women from around the world and build friendships. 

GIRLfriend Gang hangout members will engage in weekly conversations surrounding topics ranging from bullying to self-esteem. Our GIRLfriend Gang moderators will take the time to answer questions and give tips throughout the conversation. 

Our community is monitored on a daily basis to prevent bullying and any inappropriate use of language or photos. Members are not allowed to post their real names or personal photos of themselves on our site at any time. We also have Community Rules that each member must follow in order to remain a member of the community. If at any time, one of these rules is broken, the parent on file will be notified and the girl's membership suspended for up to a month. If these rules continue to be broken by any member more than twice, she will be permanently removed from the community until a meeting involving the parent and their child is set up. 

Once a week, Hey Girl! Intl. CEO Allyson A. Robinson, (also known as Big Sis on TikTok) will do Livestream video teaching on a variety of topics. 

Note to Parents: Please understand that nothing is off-limits to you. Your e-mail is how your daughter logs into our site. If at any time you wish to log in and see what your daughter is posting or the replies, we welcome you to do so. 

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